How did we start?
We left a large company to start our own wholesale candle line. Pop-up stores came as a result. Our first store was a Christmas store called Glad Tidings at a high-end mall far from home. After the first Glad Tidings, we began incorporating vintage into our mix. We were asked to stay past Christmas and had to develop a new concept that would work year round… NEST was born. NEST was a cool hippy shop boasting air plants, 60's accessories, new merch, and a few pieces of mid-century furniture. Our next venture opened soon after and was called SHINE. SHINE had more of a focus on furniture, but still maintained a mix of new and vintage. The following year we opened the Swanky Abode, our 10,000 sf pop-up store, in the fabulous Easton Town Center in Columbus, OH. We are very proud of our humble beginnings and of the 8 pop-up stores we developed. We are also very grateful for the customers, mall management and staff that gave us our start to finally launch BERTU.