10.25.20 // The White Stump Table

I love natural elements. I'm inspired by them and I love being surrounded by them. I also love modern furniture and accessories. When thinking of new products a few years back, I wanted to do a modern twist on something considered rustic and "country". And the whitewash stump table was born! Nobody was doing it yet in the States - I researched it everywhere online so I knew that we could be on to something here. A lot of times it's hard to know who started a product or idea first, but I can truly say that Bertu is home to the original whitewash stump. :)


It's important to our family to not only design and manufacture beautiful things, but to provide the best quality and experience. My husband, Israel, cuts all the logs and sands these puppies himself. There is a lot of love that goes into each stump, as we hand pick and finish each one per order. We are so proud of our stump business today - everyone who receives a stump loves them. So happy my vision came to life. Add a little piece of nature to your home in a modern way!



The Process: 

Each stump table is first sized and hand cut specifically per order so our customers receive what we promise. It's important to our family you receive the finest quality product, and we work hard to achieve that. What makes these stump tables so special is not only the attention to detail but also the finish. We went through many, many finishes to get the perfect whitewash. The whitewash stump has incredible depth and somehow looks good in every space.


White stump tables come multiple sizes : normal (10"-12" in diameter) and large (14"-16" in diameter). Within these small and large stumps, there are 3 heights - 15", 18", and 21".

Each stump table has its own unique character as these are real trees! That is actually what I love about them. Sometimes I can't tell if I like the super clean and modern ones or the real knotty crazy ones the most. They are all special for exactly what they are and you are truly getting a unique product when you order.